Welcome to 121 Select Recruitment – The niche ACCOUNTANCY staff recruitment agency for the Liverpool & Manchester areas. We’re also specialists in the recruitment of IT & OFFICE staff.
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Recruitment Specialists in Accountancy, Office & Information Technology


Leading North West accountancy recruitment agency – Liverpool, Manchester areas, and beyond.
Also specialists in the recruitment of IT & office staff.


A highly professional recruitment agency with a human touch. We seek to pair the best calibre professionals with the best companies, and strive to create 100% satisfaction for both candidates and clients alike.


  We are serious about what we do. But, although we’re driven by our ambition to be the best, we’re also highly personable, approachable and ethical. In short, we’re low maintenance, easy to deal with, and we deliver the right results.


  We try to build long lasting relationships with both the businesses and professionals that we work alongside. We’re not all about the sales pitch and the profit margins, we’re about honest advice and acting in the best interests of our candidates and clients.



121 Select specialises in recruiting:



  We operate mainly in the North West of England. Primarily we service the major cities of Liverpool and Manchester, and their surrounding areas of Merseyside and Greater Manchester.


  Examples of areas where we work are Wirral, Chester, Wrexham, Stockport, Widnes, Runcorn, Skelmersdale, Southport, Preston, Bolton, St Helens, Warrington, Crewe.


121 Select Recruitment have a comprehensive awareness of the employment landscape for the accountancy, office & IT sectors. Additionally, we pair our understanding of the context in which businesses operate in our specialist sectors, with a positive determination to provide the best level of service for both our candidates and clients throughout the recruitment process.

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Discretion, Determination & Honesty … with a Smile


Are you an employer looking to choose from the best talent to recruit into your business?


Are you a North West based accountancy, office or IT professional seeking a new career challenge?


  With the vast knowledge and experience that 121 Select Recruitment has accumulated over the years in our specialist sectors, we are able to help bring together the right candidates with the right businesses. Plus, we’re there every step of the way to offer help and sound advice, with a friendly smile. That’s why professionals looking to make a career move, and clients seeking to employ new staff from across the North west, look to 121 Select to fulfil their requirements.


  121 Select Accountancy recruitment agency Liverpool & Manchester. Also specialists in Office and IT Staff recruitment.


  121 Select Recruitment, bringing candidates and clients together.


How we help our candidates


Our company is committed to helping you make the “right fit” career move.


  121 Select is focused on helping the best candidates secure the right role, with the right company, every single time. When we refer to the term “right fit”, we mean not only in terms of salary and position. We also pay close attention that your prospective employer is the “right fit” culturally, and in terms of business ethos. We want you to be happy in your new role, hence the quote, “find a job you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life”. Our primary concern is that when you make your move, it will be one which matches your aspirations, and will progress your career path in the direction that you want it to go.


   We will offer support and guidance, and will be with you every step of the way. We listen intently to your needs & requirements, firstly because this helps us to fully understand what you want, but secondly because we care. It’s our personable approach that has played an integral part of our success, and is right at the heart of what we’re about as a recruitment consultancy for accountancy, IT, and office professionals.


How we help our clients


We provide premium standard, cost effective recruitment solutions for businesses seeking to hire the best staff.


  Choosing the right staff for your business can be both a time consuming and tricky process. Likewise the search for the right agency to assist you with the recruitment process can often be equally as challenging. Fundamental to our success is that we try to build long term relationships with the business with whom we work. We listen, and we pay attention to the finer details of your recruitment needs, and tailor our methods accordingly, in order to meet your requirements.


  We have an extensive database of candidates to choose from, and we use our exclusively developed in house search metrics to select the right fit candidate for the role that you seek to fill. Then we conduct our own interviews with prospective candidates, before we submit a shortlist of candidates that we are confident can fill your vacancy.


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10 reasons to select us as your preferred agency for accountancy, IT & office jobs on Merseyside & in Greater Manchester.


We’re fast becoming one of the leading niche accountancy recruitment agencies in the North West.

Plus, we’re also specialists in the recruitment of IT & office staff.


Here’s just a few reasons why you should choose us as the preferred agency for all of your accountancy recruitment Liverpool & Manchester requirements.

Long term business partners

We want you to retain our services, which is why we seek to deliver consistently. We’re in it for the long haul as trusted advisors.

We’re specialists, with a thorough market knowledge

We concentrate on what we know we’re good at, and it shows in the results that we achieve.

Our human touch – we care

We care about everything to do with recruitment, and we don’t lose sight of the fact that we’re dealing with people making life changing decisions. We’re compassionate people, always ready with a smile.

Extensive candidate database

Our extensive candidate database & search metrics means that we can select from a vast array of high quality candidates, not all of whom are actively on the market. Leaving you to select from the “cream of the crop”.

Highly personalised service, tailored to your requirements

We offer a single point of contact who will cater for your requirements.

Unrivalled Candidate Support

We’re with our candidates through every step of the recruitment process – listening to your needs & offering sound advice.

Attention to detail

We’re very thorough and we pay attention to the “small print” with reference to the requirements of both our candidates and our clients. This helps us to get ahead of the pack.

Competitive Fees

We’re committed to offering the best rates that we can, whilst simultaneously maintaining the highest possible level of service.

We’re honest & we act in your best interests

At the root of our ethos, is the belief that we should be honest, ethical and demonstrate integrity. Our pledge is that we will always act with your best interests at heart.

We deliver

We deliver on our promises, which is why we get recommended by existing candidates & clients, and sought out by new professionals & businesses.

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121 Select Recruitment liverpool Manchester-candidates register here

121 Select Recruitment liverpool Manchester-register your businesses enquiry here

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What they say about 121 Select Recruitment.

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