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Build your confidence through thorough preparation and research for your interview.


We can’t emphasise it enough, the better you prepare for your interview, the greater your chances are of being successful.


Let’s be frank, there are no guarantees of success however well you prepare for your interview. That said though, it stands to reason that if you go into an interview feeling that you have prepared as best as you can, then you will be a lot more confident and a lot less nervous, than you would be if you felt that you hadn’t prepared enough. So logically, preparation is a great way get those nerves under control, and exude confidence at your interview.


Your 121 Select representative will contact you prior to the interview for a comprehensive run through of the interview process. We will also offer hints and tips on how to prepare for your interview. Plus, we’ll offer pointers with regards to interview questions, and how to conduct your company research. But at the end of the day, we can only do so much to help, and the rest is down to you. Should you require any further assistance with your interview preparation however, we’re always available to help, so please feel free to get in touch with us.


Hints & tips when preparing for interview


The basics.


   Know where (& when) the interview is being held and plan your journey in advance, as you don’t want to be late for your interview. Account for any potential delays in your journey, and have your 121 Select representative contact details handy in case you need to contact us for directions or to inform us that you may be late. It is important that you arrive no less than ten minutes prior to your interview time, in order to create the right impression, and to avoid panic.


   Know who you are being interviewed by and the format of the interview. Your 121 Select representative will inform you of this.


   Think about what you are going to wear. Dress smart, to create a good impression. Make sure that your clothes and shoes are clean, and that you look well groomed and presentable. Steer clear of vivid colours. Try to avoid wearing too much perfume, aftershave and make up.


   Make sure that you know the details of both your own CV and the job description of the role that you are applying for. It should come as no surprise that there is a 100% likelihood that you will asked questions in relation to both at your interview.


Company Research.


   Knowing about the company is absolutely essential if you are going to successful in your interview. Not only will it impress the interviewer that you have taken the time to prepare, it is also a demonstration that you are interested in the role. Plus, it should also help when answering interview questions, some of which you may be able to tailor specifically with reference to the company itself.


   Find out what resources are available in order for you to conduct your research. Company websites are often a great resource to find out about a company, it’s operations and it’s culture, so this should be your first port of call. Your 121 Select representative will usually supply you with the company website url.


   Additional sources of information are available also. Try to obtain a copy of an annual report or a company brochure for further information. A Google search will often unearth a wealth of relevant research material, and LinkedIn can be a very useful resource too.


   You may want to arrange to chat with somebody who works for the organisation, in order to find out more about it’s structure and culture.


Research questions you are likely to be asked at interview.


   It is possible to anticipate a lot of the questions that are going to be asked at an interview. So with this in mind, you will often get the chance to prepare your answers beforehand, to some degree. Your 121 select representative will normally also be able to offer you direction with regards to specific questions that you are likely to be asked, dependent upon the company and the interviewer.


   For example, most interviewers will ask you to demonstrate what you know about the job that you are applying for, so it is important that you prepare for this question. Always make sure that you have thoroughly read and understand the job description for the role.


   Other examples of questions that are likely to be covered at interview are:

Tell me about yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

You will usually get asked about your current role, and your reasons for wanting to leave your current employer.


   Where possible, it is important to try to tailor your answers to interview questions specifically in relation to the role (and the company) for which you are applying.


   For further information, please visit our Interview Questions page in the Candidate Resources section of this site.


Research questions you may want to ask at interview.


   Our research shows that employers look favourably upon candidates who ask questions at the end of the interview, as it demonstrates that you have a genuine interest in the role. We therefore stress to all of our candidates that it is important to ask at least 2 questions at the end of the interview, that haven’t already been covered beforehand.


   Try to think of questions that will show to the interviewer that you understand the finer details of the job itself, and the culture and structure of the company.


   Avoid asking any questions regarding salary, benefits etc. Any such remuneration questions can be discussed with your 121 Select representative.


   For further information, please visit our Interview Questions page in the Candidate Resources section of this site.




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