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Candidates : We offer 100% in our efforts to find you your next career move


We offer 100% support throughout the recruitment process & beyond.


Building strong relationships with our candidates is at the heart of what we do.


We help you get the most out of your career.


We may smile a lot, but we’re deadly serious about assisting you in your quest to secure your dream job.


  At 121 Select we try to make the recruitment process as smooth and as trouble free as possible for our candidates. We understand the intricacies of our niche sectors (accountancy, information technology and office), so we are able to help point you in the right direction whilst on your journey towards your next career move. It is important to us that you find a job that will match both your skills and your ambitions. Therefore, our promise is that we will be right beside you until you are successful in achieving your aims.


  We have what we describe as an “open door” policy when it comes to looking after our clients. No matter what the time of day, we will always be available to offer support and advice to our candidates, and that includes weekends too. In short, we eat, sleep and breathe recruitment. And our motivation behind this 24/7 approach is quite simple. “Going that extra mile” helps us to attract the best fit candidates for the best jobs, with the most desirable businesses.


We’re good listeners, and we convert applicants into successful candidates.


  In order for us to be able to give our best when finding you a new role, it is imperative that we pay careful attention to the finer details of your considerations. We do this by being good listeners, and learning about you. Our ears are as open as our doors when it comes to catering for the requirements of our candidates, which helps us to select for you the right role with the right company. Submitting you for roles that don’t match your criteria, or that you are not suitable for is something that we categorically never do. That’s a major reason why our conversion rate stands tall and proud, alongside some of the best in the recruitment business, when it comes to successfully placing candidates in the right jobs.


We help you prepare thoroughly for interview.


  Once you have secured your interview, we’ll assist you in your preparation. We offer valuable hints and tips about the process, information about your prospective employer, and what they look for in their successful candidates. We talk through with you beforehand how to prepare for your interview to give you the best possible chance of success. We walk through basic interview preparation, the do’s an don’ts that will enable you to present yourself in the best possible way to your interviewer. We go through questions that you are likely to be asked and discuss with you the most effective ways of dealing with potentially tricky questions. We do this not only because we care, but also because we recognise that when you attend for interview you are representing our company in the eyes of the interviewers. We therefore have a vested interest in preparing you correctly for the interview process, because we take great pride when our candidates are successful in securing their role.


  And what if you don’t get the job? Well, we’ll analyse with you what areas need improving in order for you to become a successful candidate in the future.


The reason why we get so many referrals from candidates





121 Select Recruitment, bringing candidates and clients together.


We’re specialists, and we have a strong knowledge of the accountancy, information technology and office job sectors. We have an extensive range of contacts drawn from all areas of business. Plus we have an comprehensive awareness of the North west regional employment landscape.


  121 Select recognises that no two candidates are the same and we therefore tailor our service to meet the requirements of each individual candidate. Years of experience and getting results means that we believe in our recruitment methods. But we never stand still, as these methods are constantly evolving, because we are always open to new ideas and techniques that will enable us to get ahead of our competitors.


We’re an ethical company, and we believe in providing an honest and discrete service to our candidates, with no hidden agendas.



How to register with us


Register with us as a candidate


Start the ball rolling by registering with us as a candidate and uploading your cv, using the form on this page.

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Candidates : Register Here


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